What exactly is Tan Lock & Saver?

Our cosmetologists describe Zhuzh! Tan Lock & Saver as a coconut based “dry oil” and is many peoples top tip for keeping their precious tan as long as possible. A little goes a long way so you only need a few sprays and then stroke it into your skin. Instantly you will see any dryness or dull skin brought back to life. Within seconds, Tan Lock & Saver will be completely absorbed, restoring colour and tone and leaving a non-greasy lustre, soft and smooth to the touch. You can also add a few sprays to your bath if you want to treat yourself to a luxuriously moisturising spa bath. Or try using it as a deep hair treatment that you can leave on all day and shampoo out after leaving the beach.

Can I use Pre-Zhuzh! Allover Exfoliator on my face?

Yes. Pre-Zhuzh! has been specifically researched and developed to be very effective on all areas of the body – tender and gentle enough for the skin around your eyes but powerful enough to really work on dry-skinned knees, elbows and feet. For this reason Pre-Zhuzh! is particularly effective as an all over, year round beauty treatment.

Why is important to use Pre-Zhuzh! Allover exfoliator before tanning?

Because Pre-Zhuzh! sloughs off dead, dull skin and will give you a better base on which to build your tan. Exfoliating instantly makes your skin feel smooth and refreshed and it’s a feeling that can easily be maintained by using Pre-Zhuzh! once or twice a week in the shower or bath. If you’re using The Best of Both Tans, or, in fact, any self tan you should always reach for your Pre-Zhuzh! Exfoliator first.

I’m Afro Caribbean and I was surprised to hear that Zhuzh! would be good for me. How can this be?

We have been pleasantly surprised by the number of Black and Asian customers who have tried, and been delighted with, the whole Zhuzh! tanning collection but actually, when you come to think of it, it was a wise old lady in the Caribbean who first introduced Steve to raw shea butter when she was applying it to her over-dry elbows, knees and feet. Great skin tone is not just a matter of a lighter or darker look, but of a richer, more intense, vibrant glow which contrasts with eyes and teeth to make them look brighter and whiter. Pre-Zhuzh! is particularly effective at sloughing off the dead and greying cells that so often can dull Black or Asian skin and Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator will, of course, boost the melanin, helping transform tired looking blue tones into a richer, warmer shade of mahogany. Many of our Afro Caribbean customers tell us that their real must-have is The Tan Lock & Saver as it will bring any darker skin back to a smooth lustrous polish.

I’ve heard them talk about Zhuzh! 1,2,3 on telly – is it really that simple?

Yes, it really is. And don’t forget there’s also a fourth step – Zhuzh! Tan Lock & Saver. For best results, start off with Step One – The Pre-Zhuzh! Allover Exfoliator (cream tube). This will gently get rid of dead, dull, greyish skin…after all, there’s no point in going to great lengths to tan the dead surface skin that will simply flake off in the shower! Once you are towelled dry, spray with Zhuzh! Step Two – The Tan Accelerator (the original gold bottle) and you’re ready for the rays. Well, almost; do remember to use your regular SPF on top to avoid any risk of burning. After you’ve enjoyed working on your natural Zhuzh! tan then you can chill out and pamper yourself completely with Step Three, The Aloe Vera Cool Zhuzh! The menthol will instantly cool hot, sticky skin or just-showered bodies while the Aloe Vera soothes and the Shea Butter moisturises.

Why is it called the Best of Both Tans?

Because that what it delivers! Our Director, Sue, designed this product very much with herself in mind. She loves to have a natural tan but finds it very difficult to fake it in winter. By her own admission she is utterly useless at applying self tan products and has had lots of orange, streaky disasters, even with the many products on the market that claim to have only a gradual effect. The Best of Both Tans truly is the most gradual you will find – it has just a small amount of self tan active ingredient (DHA) such that you will barely notice the effect for the first two or three applications. Your friends won’t be asking how that tan appeared magically overnight, but nor will they be discreetly looking at your elbows, toes and heels wondering whether to mention the orange tan lines! You can slap on The Best of Both Tans in place of your body lotion without worry – it’s virtually idiot-proof. What makes it the “Best of Both” Tansis that it also contains as much active Tan Accelerator ingredient as the original 200ml bottle of Zhuzh! so after you’ve been using it for a week or so, not only will you have acquired a light golden glow, you will also have begun boosting your melanin in case you have the opportunity to get out in the sun. Your tan will transition seamlessly from “fake” to natural as soon as you start giving it some rays.

I’m going on holiday in two weeks time. Should I start using my Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator now or only when I get to Spain?

There is no time like the present! Life is too short for waiting . Start experiencing your own Zhuzh! Feel Good Factor NOW !

How long will a bottle of Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator last?

Depends very much on how many of your friends and family might be pinching it! ………or, if you never get around to using it, Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator has at least a two year shelf life! Seriously, there are several factors to consider on how quickly you will need to get back to www.zhuzh.com for your next order. Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator should be used just before ANY exposure to sunlight. Whether it is used as a quick spray before popping outside for a few minutes, or as your most serious tanning tool when holiday sunbathing for your ultimate tan, the amount you are using will vary. Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator is water based so you will need to re-apply after swimming or when it is particularly hot. You might choose to use it as a cooling spritzer throughout the day. If your skin is dry or particularly pale and your melanin appears to be taking its time to give you some colour you will use more but remember you can’t overdose on Zhuzh! and the finessed Shea Butter can really help condition your skin. If you don’t want to run out on holiday, our extravagant rule of thumb is .one 200ml bottle – per person – per week, assuming you will be out in the sun Zhuzhing! it up every day.

Can I use Zhuzh! tanning products on my children?

You would not use anything on babies who should always be kept safely out of the sun but for toddlers and upwards sensible use of Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator can be a good thing to boost their own natural tan and sun protection. Many, many parents have reported great results on their kids but again, please do not forget to use a high SPF after Zhuzh! spraying and always supervise youngsters in the sun very carefully to avoid the risk of sunburn. If in doubt consult your Doctor.

I’m very fair and I have really pale and sensitive skin. I have never had a tan in my life – will Zhuzh! work for me?

YES! YES! YES! It won’t happen overnight and you might have to be a bit patient at the beginning because this is NOT a fake tan. It would be best to start fitting Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator into your daily routine by spraying just before you pop outside to do a bit of gardening or walk the dog. Even if it is not bright sunshine, spray and take a coffee break outside. Spray before rays is the way for you! But remember, if there is any chance of burning, Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator contains no SPF and you will need to apply a good sun protection after spraying with your Zhuzh! Solariums are not everyone’s cup of tea and I am not endorsing any regular exposure but you might like to consider kick-starting your sleepy melanin with a session just after a thorough spraying with Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator. Or if you’re really impatient, you may want to start off with Zhuzh! The Best of Both Tans to give you just a little bit of colour while your skin prepares itself for it’s golden natural tan!