FREE exfoliating shower puff

Top tips for a deeper, darker, longer lasting tan…

Why do we talk about the importance of exfoliating your skin when tanning?  During the summer months when we are more exposed to the sun, our skin thickens and flakes or peels faster. Exfoliating it regularly will help keep it fresh and soft by removing the dead skin cells to expose the fresh ones underneath.

Remember, our natural tanning agent is melanin, which is responsible not only for the colour we get with a tan, but also for the element of natural protection we have from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Of course, this varies according to our skin type and we also need to use extra protection in the form of SPF moisturisers. Removing the dead skin cells has the dual effect of helping to stimulate the skin to produce melanin, and to allow your Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator and other SPF products to hydrate the fresher, active skin cells beneath.

After all, you wouldn’t paint a wall without out removing the old, flaky paint and smoothing the surface first, right?

To bust a popular myth, once you start to tan, exfoliating will NOT remove it!  What it will do is take off the superficial layer of thickened skin made up of dead cells and dirt. This then makes way for the next cycle so you can layer up your tan in a correct and longer  lasting way.

Zhuzh! Allover Exfoliator is, as its name suggests, is suitable for everyday use and gentle enough for  your face. With no hidden microplastics, it uses ground apricot kernels as its exfoliant.

The simplest, easiest way of keeping your skin soft, fresh and tan ready is the daily use of an exfoliating shower puff – which is why we are currently sending you one FREE with every order of Zhuzh!  

As ever, please remember the golden rule of safe natural tanning – ALWAYS use an SPF product on top of your Zhuzh! This is to protect your skin from free radical, premature aging and burning. The second myth we can bust today is that you won’t tan more if you don’t use SPF protection. Quite the opposite, in fact, as your damaged skin will simply peel more.

So,  your most effective natural tanning routine for a deeper, darker, longer lasting tan…