Tan Accelerators

Tan Accelerators are designed to help you achieve a deeper, darker, longer lasting natural tan. They work by boosting your skin’s melanin production so you reach your own personal optimum tan quicker without spending so long in the sun.

For maximum results, prep and prime your skin first by exfoliating to get rid of any dead outer layers of skin (nobody likes to see their suntan flaking off on the plane home!)

Once you’ve exfoliated, our Best of Both Tans is a great way to prep for the Spring/Summer season. A rich daily moisturiser, it will deliver a VERY gradual self tan, so subtle in fact that you may not even notice the first few applications, depending on your skintone. After a few days you will develop a light sun-kissed glow. At the same time, the Best of Both Tans contains the active ingredient of our original, best-selling, Tan Accelerator, so it will be preparing your melanin for the sunny days ahead.

Tan enhancers come in the form of creams, lotions, oils or balms. Our award-winning Tan Accelerator is a handy, light spray mist making it easy to use both at home and when travelling. All you need is sunlight to activate it, even when its behind a cloud!